Assignment cover

Please use for all assignments the following cover.pdf.


On this site you find the problem sets and projects for the practicals.

Problem Sets

Nr.IssuedQuestion timeDeadlineLinkAdditional Material
119.10.2010-2.11.2010Comparison of Optimization Algorithms
219.10.2010-2.11.2010Cart-Pole Controller Optimization
319.10.2010-2.11.2010Genetic Algorithms
49.11.201016.11.201023.11.2010RL theory I MDP_Theory.pdf
59.11.201016.11.201023.11.2010RL theory II
69.11.201016.11.201023.11.2010RL application I: On- and off-policy learning
79.11.201016.11.201023.11.2010RL application II: Function approximation
89.11.201016.11.201023.11.2010RL application III: Self-play
930.11.201014.12.201011.1.2011Policy Gradient Methods: Swimmer
1030.11.201014.12.201011.1.2011Reward Weighted Regression: Cannon Warfare
1130.11.201014.12.201011.1.2011Bayesian networks
1230.11.201014.12.201011.1.2011Approximate inference in Bayesian networks
1325.1.2011-22.2.2011Learning overhypotheses
1425.1.2011-22.2.2011Planning with Approximate Inference

Slides from Practicals

119.10.2010 Organization and Search Algorithms Slides (PDF)
29.11.2010 Reinforcement Learning Slides (PDF)
330.11.2010 RL in Robotics and Probabilistic Inference Slides (PDF)
425.1.2011 Learning and Planning with Probabilistic Inference Slides (PDF)

Please post your questions concerning the problem sets to the MLB Newsgroup, or send them directly to Stefan Häusler.