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Nr.IssuedQuestion timeHand inLinkAdditional Material
113.10.201520.10.201503.11.2015Conditional Independence 
213.10.201520.10.201503.11.2015Bayesian Networks 
410.11.201517.11.201501.12.2015Inference in Factor Graphs 
510.11.201517.11.201501.12.2015Factor graphs:
610.11.201517.11.201501.12.2015Markov Networks 
724.11.201515.12.201526.01.2016Junction Trees 
824.11.201515.12.201519.01.2016Parameter Learning: Beta distribution 
924.11.201515.12.201519.01.2016Beta Distribution 
1024.11.201515.12.201519.01.2016Parameter Learning: Naive Bayes
1112.01.201619.01.201626.01.2016K-means: Image
1212.01.201619.01.201626.01.2016EM Algorithm for Gaussian Mixture
1312.01.201619.01.201626.01.2016EM Algorithm for Mixture of

Slides from Practicals

113.10.2015 Organisation & Probabilistic Inference Slides (PDF)
210.11.2015 Factor Graphs & Markov Networks Slides (PDF)
324.11.2015 Junction Trees & Parameter Learning in Bayesian Networks
Updated: Slide 8 corrected Gamma(n+1)
(2) Slide 25&26: A10 full text (3) changed slide 24
Slides (PDF)
412.01.2016 K-means & EM Algorithm Slides (PDF)

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Final results