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Here are the tentative results.tentative results.


Use the Newsgroup if you have any questions regarding the problem sets or any technical questions.


The grading of the exercises is determined by your solutions to the problem sets which will be handed out during the semester.

Handing in of exercise sheets

Please hand in the exercise sheets just before the lecture into the designated box outside of the lecture venue.


You may form teams of max. three students to work together on the problems. Three rules have to be obeyed:
  1. You must name the other team members on the first page of your submitted solution.
  2. Everybody must submit his/her own solution and write down everything in his/her own words. Copying will not be accepted and leads to a loss of all points for the whole problem set for all involved persons.
  3. For programming examples a team may use the same code, but nevertheless everybody must write an own report.