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Computational Intelligence (442.070) or Introduction to knowledge processing (708.560).

"Computational Intelligence" course catalog for Telematics master students

Important Notice for Telematics students: Since Machine Learning A is not offered this semester, Machine Learning B can instead be attended and counts as a core course for the "Computational Intelligence" catalog.

Grading for the Exercises:

% of max. pointsGrade
90.0% or more (*)sehr gut / 1 / A
80.0%-89.9%gut / 2 / C
65.0%-79.9%befriedigend / 3 / D
50.0%-64.9%genügend / 4 / E
0%-49.9%nicht genügend / 5 / F


You may form teams of max. two students to work together on the problems. Three rules have to be obeyed:
  1. You must name all other team members on the first page of your submitted solution.
  2. Everybody must submit his/her own solution and write down everything in his/her own words. Copying will not be accepted and leads to a loss of all points for the whole problem set for all involved persons.
  3. For programming examples a team may use the same code, but nevertheless every student must write his/her own report.